Places of interest around us

The Cornia valley - also called the “Garden of Tuscany” – is a place abounding in natural beauty, rich in culture and history. Its shoreline is characterised by sandy beaches alternating with stretches of rocky outcrops, all this surrounded by pinewoods and lush Mediterranean scrubland. Everyone will find a ‘corner of paradise’ here, whether they are looking for lively beaches or simply a moment of relaxation, whether they love getting to the numerous small bays that enrich the coastline or are simply a family looking for a ‘safe’ sea for their children. The recommended beaches for families are those along the Sterpaia natural park (Riotorto, Piombino) and Remigliano natural park (San Vincenzo), as well as the magical gulf of Baratti.
Spas and Wellness Centers
In the Val di Cornia it is easy to find spas and wellness centers. Just 7 km from the Oasis Residence, in Venturina Terme, there is the Calidarium which, with 3000 square meters of warm water, is one of the largest natural thermal lakes in Europe. In addition to the hot water source, the Calidario is equipped with an excellent wellness center. Also in Venturina Terme it is possible to regenerate at the Terme di Venturina, a complete center for every type of treatment. In the direction of San Vincenzo, only 9 kilometers away is the Riva degli Etruschi Wellness Center and continuing towards Donoratico, there is the Tombolo, known for thalasso therapy, a treatment that exploits the salt benefits of sea water. In a few kilometers all the solutions for physical well-being.
Art and history
Cradle of ancient Etruscan and Roman civilisations, this area has jealously guarded their numerous traces down through the centuries.
San Vincenzo is rich in history. Inhabited in ancient times by the Etruscan and then the Romans, nowadays San Vincenzo is one of the best-equipped tourist resorts in the area. It has a nice yacht marina with boat moorings and ferries, and a seafront promenade with a good variety of shops, restaurants and cafes'. However, the sea is definitely the main attraction in San Vincenzo, framed by a spectacular golden, fine-sand beach, which stretches for miles. Along the coast there is the ancient San Vincenzo Tower, walls and lookout point, once used to defend the coast from pirates. San Vincenzo also offers the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of water sports, with facilities for swimming, fishing, scuba diving, sailing, water-skiing and windsurfing.

Campiglia Marittima is one of the most evocative and best preserved medieval villages along the Etruscan coast, a tiny jewel in stone dominated by a fortress. The historic centre of Campiglia makes up a monumental complex of great interest, with the 12th century Rocca fortress, the Romanesque church of San Giovanni, the parish church of San Lorenzo, the Palazzo Pretorio, and the 19th century Concordi Theatre. Just wonder around the historic centre and don’t be afraid to get lost in this maze of small streets and alleyways. Human presence in the area dates back to a period between 90 and 35 thousand years ago, but significant traces of settlement begin in the Etruscan period, with the smelting furnaces at Madonna della Fucinaia, close to the Archaeological-mineral Park of San Silvestro.
Food and Wine

The wines produced in this area are of high quality. Both reds and whites are excellent. This is the fortunate result of grapes from traditional vine species mixed with newer varieties. Passing through the countryside it is impossible not to be attracted by the nigh-on perfect geometry of the vineyards from which this genuine, high quality product comes, one that merits the DOC appellation There are many different vineyards in the area where it is possible to taste the different varieties of wine, and also to purchase other farm produce. Amongst the best wine cellars is the famous Petra, well known for its architecture and exquisite wines. Other wine cellars worth visiting are: Montesolaio, Tua Rita, Muratori, Poggio Rosso, Giomi Zannoni, Sant’Agnese, Rigoli, Fralluca, Russo…and the list goes on!
Trekking, mountain bike and horse riding

The whole territory offers a multitude of routes passing through archaeological sites and outstanding nature. To find out more visit this page… a leggere qui...
Amusement Parks

For something a little different, families with children can head to any of the amusement parks in the area. There is something for everyone, just let your hair down and enjoy the rides!

Tuscany is a region rich in culture and history. Make sure you make the time and visit some of the beautiful cities that populate this region. All most popular destinations are easily reachable from Oasis:
Pisa in 50 minuti,
Siena in 1h e 40 mins
Lucca 1h e 10 mins
Firenze 1h e 50 mins
San Gimignano 1h e 40 mins
Pienza 1h e 55 mins
Massa Marittima 40 mins

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